Welcome to Armchair Wrestling Podcast – We’re two marks from the UK, challenging the worlds biggest promotion! We want to share our ideas of how things should be booked in WWE. We will talk all things Wrestling related past, present and future. We also want for you to get involved so head on over to our twitter and tell us how you would book it.


I got into wrestling in 2002 by beginning with watching WWE shows and playing the games with my brothers, then began to branch out into watching other promotions such as TNA and beyond.

favourite wrestler: AJ Styles

favourite match: AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels triple threat for the X Division title


Armchair Wrestling | NXT Call Ups https://www.pscp.tv/w/cxfK6jF4a1FEZ0RhcmxaRXp8MU93eFdWb3J3WG5KUQMkvyhO3ERiVmwgcOjiSDQKMdJmXECusVl-ZU6z83Sy

#AEW vs #ImpactWrestling
Title vs Title at #Rebellion
Will Kenny Omega become ‘The Belt Collector’?
Will we get an AEW vs Impact Super Show?

Find out my thoughts now on #YouTube on link below #WrestlingCommunity


Just over an hour before we go live with @SweetChinwag to talk all things NXT and the call ups to the main roster good and bad!

Come join in and let us know your favourite and worst call ups ever! #WWE #nxt #WrestlingCommunity https://twitter.com/armchairwrestl1/status/1369723573435252736/photo/1

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